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A chromolithograph printed with oil paint on canvas in imitation of an oil painting.

o′le·og′ra·pher (-ŏg′rə-fər) n.
o′le·o·graph′ic adj.
o′le·og′ra·phy n.


(ˈəʊlɪəˌɡrɑːf; -ˌɡræf)
1. (Printing, Lithography & Bookbinding) a chromolithograph printed in oil colours to imitate the appearance of an oil painting
2. the pattern formed by a drop of oil spreading on water
oleographic adj
oleography n
References in classic literature ?
Near it was a violent oleograph of a lemon-coloured child assaulting an inflammatory butterfly.
The whole view, with the harbour jetties of white stone underlining lividly the dark front of the town to the left, and the expanding space of water to the right with jutting promontories of no particular character, had the uninspiring, glittering quality of a very fresh oleograph.
German porcelain image of Ahalya, directly based on an oleograph of Ravi Varma's painting, c.
He was selling colourful oleographs, lithographic prints that were textured to resemble an oil paint, of the reigning Pope, If he visited a Roman Catholic household, he had an oleograph of the reigning pope.
The interior with figures is the more convincing oleograph of the two.
When it comes to popular, so called, calendar art the 1970's might as well be the Stone Ages-a mint condition Ravi Varma oleograph of 1930's vintage that Jain would have paid Rs3 for back then, can easily command a price of up to Rs50,000 today.
This print is modeled on Shivaji before Bhavani (Ravi Varma Printing Press, oleograph, ca.
My answer: On first inspection of the photograph I dismissed the picture as an oil on canvas print known as an oleograph.
Framed by the restricted ovoid of the window, the scenery talked to him about day and night, about the borders between the worlds of earth and air and lastly, when the cabin was lit up and on that boreal oleograph appeared the reflection of his tired and weighted face, even about the self.
Sebastian flees to the attic nursery to see his old nanny whenever he has a chance--its decorations include an oleograph of the Sacred Heart and souvenirs of childhood holidays, while its wallpaper is flocked with conventional ribbons and roses.
The Surabhi stage, then, brings to mind, several evocations: a popular oleograph, for instance; or the considered staging of Ravi Varma; or the vigour of the Kuchipudi performance.