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A calorie-free fat substitute synthesized from sucrose and vegetable oil for use in snacks such as potato chips, and capable of passing through the body without being digested.

[ol(eo)- + alteration of (poly)ester.]


(oʊˈlɛs trə)
a synthetic oil used as a substitute for dietary fat: not digested or absorbed by the human body.
[1990–95; ol- (< Latin oleum oil) + -estra, alter. of (poly)ester]
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We got rid of partially hydrogenated oil (the source of artificial trans fat), sulfites (a sometimes-lethal allergen) that were used to treat fresh vegetables, Violet 1 dye, and Olestra (we laughed the diarrhea-inducing fake fat out of the food supply).
The weight loss drugs Orlistat or Olestra, and the cholesterol-lowering bile acid sequestrants Choletryamine, Colestipol, and Colsevelam can block fat absorption, creating a potential for vitamin K deficiency since it is fat-soluble.
It outlines the regulatory history of the food industry, the most common foodborne illnesses, food safety management systems, outbreak investigations, international food safety, consumer roles, and other food safety threats, including the additives and contaminants aspartame, olestra, acrylamide, benzene, mercury in fish, and polychlorinated biphenyls in salmon, as well as additional problems and controversies like pesticides, growth hormones in cattle, genetically modified organisms, irradiation, antibiotic resistance, pink slime, and raw milk.
where he developed and executed public relations, community relations and grassroots PR programs -- from a major Superfund clean-up project and national campaign that earned FDA approval for Olestra to the Vatican during Pope John Pauls visit to the United States and several state gaming initiatives.
Anyone who remembers the disastrous launch of Olestra fat-free oil will appreciate what I mean.
It's true that olestra blocks the absorption of fats.
Washington, April 10 ( ANI ): Researchers have claimed that a snack food ingredient called olestra may be speeding up the removal of toxins in the body.
Tostitos Light Restaurant Style Tortilla Chips made with Olestra (28)
and does not contain any kind of synthetic ingredients or stimulants like Caffeine, Olestra, etc in the formulation thus being a very rich source of dietary fiber and vitamins and making it a safe and healthy option for children.
The low-calorie chips are made with olestra, a synthetic fat substitute that has zero calories and passes through the body undigested.
Another example of a useful chemical in the crosshairs of activists is the fat substitute called Olestra.
The classification might raise an eyebrow if you recall the "net-zero fat" of Olestra snack foods, but Icelandic Glacial's business paradigm is worth mentioning.