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n. pl. o·le·a (ō′lē-ə) or o·le·ums
A corrosive fuming solution of sulfur trioxide in sulfuric acid.

[Latin, olive oil; see oil.]


n, pl olea (ˈəʊlɪə) or oleums
(Elements & Compounds) another name for fuming sulphuric acid
[from Latin: oil, referring to its oily consistency]
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For the concentration determination, sonic velocity meters have proven to be ideal, as sonic velocity forms a strong and unambiguous function to the concentration of sulfuric acid and oleum in the production-relevant concentration ranges.
Though India generally followed the English law of torts based on common law principles, the Supreme Court in the landmark Oleum gas leak case in 1987 rejected the " strict liability'' principle developed in England and developed its own principle of " absolute liability'' to fix liability for accidents in hazardous industries without any exceptions or exemptions.
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