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 (ŏl′ĭ-gär′kē, ō′lĭ-)
n. pl. ol·i·gar·chies
a. Government by a few, especially by a small faction of persons or families.
b. Those making up such a government.
2. A state governed by a few persons.

ol′i·gar′chic, ol′i·gar′chi·cal adj.
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Adj.1.oligarchic - of or relating to or supporting or characteristic of an oligarchy


[ˌɒlɪˈgɑːkɪk] ADJoligárquico




[ˌɒlɪˈgɑːkɪk] adjoligarchico/a
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The solution to fixing the highly oligarchic structure of the UNSC is not to just add a few more permanent members, it is by slowly undoing the system in place which favours a few elite countries, and that can only be done by increasing representation of all countries.
But, the rapidly increasingly, worldwide economic inequality and disparity, and growing poverty also need urgent remedying, otherwise the WEF will be regarded only as an oligarchic gathering of 'fat cats in the snow'.
One of the things that might break their neck if a significant part of the people understand how very corrupted they are and their whole machinery of power has been built to feed the ruling power and its oligarchic family.
Vitosha and the municipality are in the possession of oligarchic interests.
I do not think it is possible to imagine anything more oligarchic than the UK, thus, essentially, Boris Johnson is not right, of course," she added.
Reconstruction partially reordered or flattened oligarchic ranks, leaving black Americans subordinate.
These murders, together with the murders of labor leaders in Cebu [province] and Metro Manila over the past months, demonstrate that change has not come for the poor and marginalized communities fighting against oligarchic greed,' Akbayan said in the statement.
You'll see, we'll soon stuff your oligarchic rag in the cupboard," Le Pen's second-in-command, Florian Philippot said of the EU flag in a message on Twitter.
A part of the International Monetary Fund's efforts to increase fiscal transparency in the severely corrupt and oligarchic dominated economy, the archly resented law was essentially imposed on the political system and on the Ukrainian parliament by its Western partners.
He also noted positive changes in the Prosecutor Generals Office, anti-corruption activities, elimination of oligarchic yoke, reinforcement of the banking system and improvement of the investment climate in Ukraine.
It offers more evidence than any other premodern Asian society so far analysed for institutionalised freedoms, contractual pluralities and oligarchic conciliar governance, but in a framework of status hierarchy with slaves at the bottom.
Powerful oligarchic, media and imperial forces have decided to finish with the progressive forces, the popular revolutionary leaderships of the left in the continent.