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 (ŏl′ĭ-gär′kē, ō′lĭ-)
n. pl. ol·i·gar·chies
a. Government by a few, especially by a small faction of persons or families.
b. Those making up such a government.
2. A state governed by a few persons.

ol′i·gar′chic, ol′i·gar′chi·cal adj.
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Adj.1.oligarchical - of or relating to or supporting or characteristic of an oligarchy
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But let us never forget that this nation, this E Pluribus Unum ("from many, one") came from the diversity of the entire world: the traditions, the languages, the cultures, the religions, the belief systems, the totality of the human experience, which must be acknowledged, supported, cherished, valued, and nurtured, never again compelled to melt away into a Eurocentric, Protestant and oligarchically dominated, patriarchal, adultist, heterosexist, cissexist, ableist, ethnocentric stew of ruthlessly mandated conformity.
We customarily translate the Greek word polis, from which our word "politics" is derived, by "city-state," and yet the Greek poleis, whether democratically or oligarchically governed, lacked the centralized apparatus of coercion that characterizes states both ancient and modern.