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n. oligohidramnios, bajo nivel de líquido amniótico al término de la gestación.
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In addition, prenatal dexamethasone might slow down or even halt the fetal growth and development, and long-term corticosteroids therapy has a strong association with intrauterine growth retardation (IUGR) and oligoamnios.[4],[42] Thus, with the given data, as well as the potential side effects, it is necessary to weigh out the benefits and risks before use of steroids.[1],[39]
Caso 2: Neonato masculino producto de madre de 24 anos, primigesta, embarazo simple pretermino, mal controlado, ultrasonido prenatal con levocardia, agenesia renal derecha y oligoamnios severo, obtenido por cesarea.
Ultrasound abdomen revealed oligoamnios and gall bladder wall thickening without gall stones.