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Noun1.oligodontia - congenital condition in which some of the teeth are missing
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n. oligodoncia, condición hereditaria que resulta en un numéro menor de dientes que el normal.
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Alteration of palatine ruga pattern in subjects with oligodontia: A pilot study.
Other terms used in the literature to define the number of missing teeth: aplasia of teeth, anodontia, oligodontia, absence of teeth, congenitally missing teeth, lack of teeth and agenesis of teeth2.
A novel finding of oligodontia and ankyloglossia in a 14-year-old with Floating-Harbor syndrome.
According to familial history, a grandfather of the patient also suffered from oligodontia, hypoplastic midface and heat intolerance (Figure No.
Family studies have shown that both hypodontia and oligodontia are very likely to be inherited as an autosomal dominant trait with variable expression, and peg-shaped incisors are associated with agenesis of second premolars [31].
The HED triad includes sparse hair (hypotrichosis), reduced ability to sweat (hypohidrosis), and the lack of several teeth (hypodontia or oligodontia).
Megarbane, "Leukodystrophy associated with oligodontia in a a large inbred family: fortuitous association or new entity?" American Journal of Medical Genetics, vol.
Children with congenital oligodontia and delayed eruption (more than 1yr) were excluded.
Retreatment cases (Treatment after relapse), patients with cleft lip and palate, patients with severe oligodontia and patients treated with surgical orthodontics were excluded.
The detailed physical examination of animal revealed halitosis, plaques around teeth and oligodontia. The growth on hard palate and gums was hard in consistency, roughly 5 cm in diameter and was deeply embedded in gums along with upper incisors and canine teeth (Fig.
One of few reports on treatment outcomes in young individuals with many missing teeth is a Danish study on [15] consecutive patients with oligodontia [9].