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A polymer consisting of at least 2 and as many as 100 monomers.

o·lig′o·mer′ic (-mĕr′ĭk) adj.
o·lig′o·mer′i·za′tion n.
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(Chemistry) a compound of relatively low molecular weight containing up to five monomer units. Compare polymer, copolymer
[C20: from oligo- + -mer, as in polymer]
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Numerous studies show that a common root cause of neurodegenerative diseases is the toxic oligomer, a misfolded protein that derives from naturally occurring proteins in the brain.
The researchers confirmed that the oligomer stages were most toxic to the neurons, which agrees with clinical reports of amyloid beta plaques in the brains of people who don't have Alzheimer's.
The tire rubber composition includes 100 parts by mass of a diene rubber (A) and from 1 to 50 parts by mass of elastic microparticles (B), wherein the elastic microparticles (B) have a form of microparticles obtained by crosslinking a crosslinkable oligomer or polymer (b1) in water or an organic solvent, or in the diene rubber (A), and have an average particle size of from 0.001 to 100 pm, the J1S A hardness of a cured product obtained by crosslinking the crosslinkable oligomer or polymer (b1) without use of water, the organic solvent or the diene rubber (A) is greater than 45, and the elongation of the cured product is 200% or greater.
Their conformational set and kinetic flexibility are practically independent from location of these chains (e.g., in the oligomer molecule, in the linear polymer chain, or in the mesh polymer).
Jin, "Amyloid-ft protein oligomer at low nanomolar concentrations activates microglia and induces microglial neurotoxicity," Journal of Biological Chemistry, vol.
A symmetry condition is central to the theory and implies that all protomers of an oligomer are always in the same conformational state.
Thus, the role of endophilin2 in oligomeric A-[beta]-induced postsynaptic AMPAR removal is not well understood and we therefore have tried to provide evidence of endophilin2-mediated AMPAR endocytosis induced by A-[beta] oligomer administration.
Klein, "Synaptotoxic amyloid-beta oligomer: a molecular basis for the cause, diagnosis, and treatment of Alzheimer's disease?," Journal of Alzheimer's Disease, vol.
Liu and Bhardwaj developed a material withstanding multiple steam sterilization events using polyester, polysulfone blends with epoxy-functional styrene-acrylate oligomers. The oligomer is essential for sterilization stability.
While we were able to achieve a rubbery feel at 90% urethane oligomer UA6 and 10% crosslinker (Ml), the films did not have the desired durability.
Polysulfide Oligomer Sealants: Synthesis, Properties, and Applications