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(ˌɒlɪˈɡjʊərɪə) or


(Medicine) excretion of an abnormally small volume of urine, often as the result of a kidney disorder. Compare anuria
[C19: from oligo- + -uria]
oliguretic adj
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Noun1.oliguria - abnormally small production of urine; can be a symptom of kidney disease or obstruction of the urinary tract or edema or an imbalance of fluids and electrolytes in the body
symptom - (medicine) any sensation or change in bodily function that is experienced by a patient and is associated with a particular disease
2.oliguria - production of an abnormally small amount of urine
micturition, urination - the discharge of urine
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n. oliguria, disminución en la formación de orina.
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The loss of fluid from the vascular compartment leads to hemoconcentration reduced renal perfusion followed by oliguria, renal insufficiency and thrombosis.
Table 1: Age distribution Age groups (years) Male Female Total 20-30 3 0 3 30-40 6 3 9 40-50 5 3 8 50-60 11 7 18 60-70 7 6 13 70-80 5 2 7 80-90 2 0 2 Table 2: Clinical presentation Symptoms Number of cases (%) Fever 20 (33.3) Vomiting 15(25) Loose stools 12 (20) Oliguria 7 (12) Shortness of breath 7 (11) Burning micturition 6 (10) Diabetic foot 4 (6) Table 3: Age distribution Study Mean age (%) Males (%) Females (%) Present study 56.6 65 35 Eswarappa et al.
Eight days after vaginal delivery, she presented to the local hospital with a history of acute lower abdominal pain, oliguria and dysuria, without nausea, vomiting and fever.
However, the patient developed rapidly progressing coughing with pinkish sputum and dyspnea accompanied by oliguria and facial edema since the 5th day of dual induction.
Gupta BK et al (2012) and Mohapatra MK et al (2012) reported 24.3% and 20.8% cases of oliguria in their study patients.
These included age, comorbid conditions like diabetes and hypertension, admission creatinine, peak creatinine, pH, [O.sub.2], C[O.sub.2], HC[O.sub.3], albumin, presence of oliguria, need for vasopressor, stay in ICU, and severity of AKI.
In addition to lungs, brain, skin, and conjunctivas, there are minor criteria that include tachycardia, fever, retinal changes, anuria or oliguria, sudden hematocrit and/or platelets drop, and positive fat on sputum [3].
Serum U/P creatinine ratio helps to identify whether the oliguria is a result of water reabsorption (U/Pcr > 20) or loss of tubular function (U/Pcr < 20).
He had watery loose stools twice on day 2 and developed oliguria, cough, and dyspnea on day 3.
Due to severe preeclampsia, magnesium sulfate was administered by the Zuspan regimen but was suspended because of the risk of hypermagnesemia following the patient's evolution with oliguria and acute pulmonary edema.
Renal hypoperfusion causes AKI, which may present itself with oliguria or anuria.
AKI typically manifests as an abrupt (hours to days) decrease in kidney function that is detected as an increase in serum creatinine or a decrease in urine output (oliguria) as defined by the KDIGO global consensus criteria for AKI.