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n.1.(Zool.) A genus of polished marine gastropod shells, chiefly tropical, and often beautifully colored.
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Opening another book he saw it was "Palmerin de Oliva," and beside it was another called "Palmerin of England," seeing which the licentiate said, "Let the Olive be made firewood of at once and burned until no ashes even are left; and let that Palm of England be kept and preserved as a thing that stands alone, and let such another case be made for it as that which Alexander found among the spoils of Darius and set aside for the safe keeping of the works of the poet Homer.
The certificate of your marriage with Oliva Corsinari, and the register of your child's birth.
You married Oliva Corsinari in the church of San Paolo del Monte-Cattini; here is the priest's certificate.
Oliva will inform you likewise, monsieur, of the consent His Catholic Majesty gives to the signature of a treaty which assures the neutrality of Spain in the event of a war between France and the United Provinces.
Jean-Paul Oliva was the actual general of the Jesuits from 1664-1681.
Oliva was chief medical officer for Borgess Health in Kalamazoo, Mich.
NIALL REDMOND Better do my bit for my Swiss brethren this week (especially as I am back in Zurich next Friday) and let you know tonight Swiss DJ Producer Andrea Oliva flies in for a show at Dubin's Button Factory (Curved Street Temple Bar).
But Honduran human rights activist Bertha Oliva counters, saying the results of the police-cleansing process launched in May 2012, during former President Porfirio "Pepe" Lobo's administration (2010-2014), adds up to zero (NotiCen, Jan.
22-year-old Rocio Oliva appeared in a court in Buenos Aires to hear the charges against her after being arrested late on Wednesday at Ezeiza airport.
Rocio Oliva was wanted by the Dubai police in connection with a theft complaint filed by the legendary footballer.
An official at Dubai Public Prosecution confirmed that an arrest warrant has been issued for 24-year-old sales executive Rocio Oliva (far right) after 1986 World Cup-winning captain Maradona (right) filed a complaint with police.
The football legend's move comes just weeks after he kicked Rocio Oliva out of his Dubai mansion following a row over Man Utd goalie David de Gea.