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(Colours) of an olive colour
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(ˌɒl əˈveɪ ʃəs)

of a deep shade of green; olive.
[1770–80; < New Latin olīvāceus= Latin olīv(a) olive + -āceus -aceous]
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Stromata effused, applanate to pulvinate; 0.7-80 mm long x 0.5-40 mm broad x 0.8-1 mm thick, with inconspicuous perithecial mounds up to 1/4 exposed; surface Umber (9) with grey tones when young, becoming black to blackish when old; brown to black granules immediately beneath surface, brown granules detected by microscopic examination in water; KOH-extractable pigments pale Olivaceous Grey (121); the tissue below the perithecial layer inconspicuous, black.
Other species found in the lake are the rare plain swamp hen (Amaurornis olivaceous) and the endemic species of freshwater crocodile (Crocodylus mindorensis).
Live specimens predominantly olivaceous, densely spotted in pale yellow or light brown, with a pale yellow dorsomedian line extending along head, pro- and mesothorax; body ventrally light-colored, with a dark median line extending along the body except sub-genital plate; tegmina and costal region of hind wing dark olive or brownish green with venation vivid light green.
Biosynthesis of Silver Nanoparticles from Streptomyces olivaceous and its antimicrobial activity.
Chelemys macronyx was caught about equally in the two forests, but Loxodontomys micropus and Abrothrix olivaceous were caught much more often in the Moist Forest and the Dry Forest respectively.
A colour change from olivaceous green to yellow in both tubes indicates as positive for anaerobic growth (fermentation).
Conidia were multicellular, smoothwalled, olivaceous brown, ovoidal to broadly clavate, curved at subterminal cell from the base, and had three septa [Figure 2].
sanborni has a more distinct, orange-yellow eye ring, the dorsal color is more olivaceous than in S.
[4] The conidia were smooth walled, olivaceous brown in color, four-celled with 3 septae and a larger sub-terminal cell.
Effects of dietary nutrient on the biological index and serum chemistry of juvenile Olive flounder Paralichthys olivaceous achieving compensatory growth.