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Adj.1.olive-brown - of a brown color with a greenish tinge
chromatic - being or having or characterized by hue
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Already, at thirty-five, grey streaked the scanty, dull hair, wrinkles lined the worn olive-brown face, and the tendons of the thin neck stood out.
Ascospores single celled, slightly or darkly coloured, most frequently olive-brown, occasionally bright coloured, typically lemon shaped but occurring in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours.
Hyphae were branched, septate, brownish with simple olive-brown, septate conidiophores that were variable in length.
Alternaria alternata isolated from Chenopodium album produced conidiophores simple, olive-brown, septate, variable in length with terminal conidia, which are solitary or in short chains [17].
Females are 30 to 35 mm in overall length, cylindrical in form, often with a highly rugose and frequently warty integument, green, brown or olive-brown in color.
Interesting to note is that this specimen is almost devoid of the olive-green to olive-brown spore slime usually covering its top, and which insects eat and spread to other sites in their travels.
Before hitting the streets, the university president, who was wearing a black and yellow UO coat and a green, V-neck UO sweater, grabbed his olive-brown fedora sitting on a coat rack and put it on as he stepped outside.
Description: The brown bullhead has a dark yellowish to olive-brown back and upper sides, with noticeable mottling not seen on the black bullhead or channel catfish.