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olive drab

1. A grayish olive to dark olive brown or olive gray.
a. Cloth of this color, often used in military uniforms.
b. also olive drabs A uniform made from cloth of this color.

ol′ive-drab′ adj.
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Adj.1.olive-drab - of a light brownish green color
chromatic - being or having or characterized by hue
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Reports had it that another Bradley and two olive-drab Abrams tanks had also been laboriously dragged in, but stealthy crustaceans that they are, they were either too low or too evasive for TV cameras to pick up.
The Kydex is firearm specific and available in black or, for $5 more, Flat Dark Earth (FDE), Olive-Drab (OD) Green or Sniper Grey.
Ferraro, wearing olive-drab military fatigues and a baseball cap drawn closely to cover his eyes, sat back and was lost in thought.
An olive-drab military forklift moved around huge pallets loaded with supplies.
The dull black of our machine guns and rifles and shotguns and pistols is a thin wall around us, its mortar our bristling ammunition belts and columns of green and orange tipped rounds pressed into grey magazines and olive-drab pods, shells of Remington buckshot rattle loose in our pockets like handfuls of small stones.
"Wearing a black shirt and an olive-drab Army jacket, the musician shared a hearty laugh with Perry." continued E!
Standard features include 24-inch sidewalls, two 10-foot-long gun boxes, flat diamond plate floors, foam-filled front deck, floor and pods for flotation and stability, interior tubing to accommodate wiring and olive-drab, non-reflective paint The Stealth 2000 sneakboat is designed for one or two hunters, with an optional seat available.
The two, both in dark suits, boarded an olive-drab helicopter and peered out of an open side door for an aerial tour of the devastated capital.
THE SLIPCASE FOR the two-volume set Willie and Joe: The WWII Years is covered in olive-drab cloth.
Victoria Beckham, the most visible member of the group in recent years since her marriage to football star David Beckham, was back to her brunette hair colour from blonde and wore an olive-drab cigarette skirt, with black gloves, wide belt and a plunging neckline.