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1. A skateboarding maneuver in which the rider lifts the board into the air by pressing down on it with the rear foot, raising the front foot, and then raising the rear foot.
2. A similar maneuver in snowboarding in which the rider lifts the front foot and then the rear foot to spring into the air without going off a ramp.

[From Ollie, nickname of Alan Gelfand (born 1963), American skateboarder who developed the trick.]


n, pl -lies
1. (Skateboarding) (in skateboarding and snowboarding) a jump into the air executed by stamping on the tail of the board
2. (Skiing) (in skateboarding and snowboarding) a jump into the air executed by stamping on the tail of the board
[C20: of uncertain origin]
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Stu's lines went from one corner of the ramp to the other and back, and included grinds on the vert wall every run, backside bonelesses to regs, and revert and backside ollies that spanned four sheets.
Local heavy, Big Jerry caught grinds on the vert wall and ollies to backside Smith up the extension.
His bike broke in San Francicso so he had to fly down to Costa Mesa to swat big lien to tails and crank waist-high ollies.
Brent danced pixie-like around the ramp, waving a wand that begot ollies to grind, bean plants, shifty ollies, and liens to disaster up the six feet of vert.
John launched alley-oop backside ollies onto the vert wall, kickflips to fakie up the center of it, and a backside tailslide on top of it.
Despite being a tiny, sort of junky contraption in a sea of dog crap, Hellbow, as it was known, was in all the magazines and the pros flocked to it to learn hot new moves like the ollie blunt and the feeble spine transfer.
Strengths: Still an active pro for the Firm, 360 ollies, 43's, the Lord, PMA
Sacto's craziest soldier, Omar ripped for years before finding a solid home with Nike, Rasa Libre, and foolhardy ollies into killer steeps
Rail ridin' straight from Weirdsville, Matt B's already got his own grind and the skills to take on the more bizarre maneuvers--like fakie ollies to 50-50
Four-foot nine and rising, David Gonzales came all the way from Colombia to ride for Flip and sling salads to ollie out in the US of A
If he can kickflip but can't ollie, tell him he can't skate until he can ollie," Gavin is whispering in my ear.