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 (ŏm′bŭdz-pûr′sən, -bədz-, -bo͝odz-)
An ombudsman or ombudswoman.

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The accused decided to move the women harassment cell at the Presidency, where the Ombudsperson set aside the earlier decision, suspending the penalties imposed.
PESHAWAR -- Rukhshinda Naz, the ombudsperson of protection against harassment of women at workplace, has issued more than 1,000 notices to government and no-governmental organisations to adopt mandatory code of conduct prescribed in the law, form standing inquiry committees including a woman member to address cases of sexual harassment and educate staff to make work environment more dignified.
Addressing a press conference here, he said that the Federal Ombudsperson mobile Application had also been launched for facilitating people besides launch of a new website of the F e d e r a l Ombudsperson.
Mirpur -- Federal Ombudsperson for protection against harassment of women at work place, Kashmala Tariqhas Wednesday said that the government was fully determined to raise awareness among the women folk about securing their due legal and constitutional rights in the country.
Meesha Shafi had also filed a complaint with the provincial ombudsperson against Ali Zafar for sexual harassment which was dismissed.
Last fall, the board of our association adopted a written policy for resolving unit owner complaints pursuant to Section 35 of the Illinois Condominium and Common Interest Community Association Ombudsperson Act.
A report submitted by the Sindh ombudsperson said action was taken in only eight out of 350 cases the office had disposed of.
Summary: New York [US] Mar 7 (ANI): Underlining that the leaks of a confidential UN Ombudsperson reports are "neither new nor surprising", the United Nations on Thursday expressed hope for the relevant UN Sanctions Committee to investigate leaks and hold those responsible to account.
According to the petitioner Abdul Rehman Alvi Advocate, the appointment of FST member Sikandar Isameil was illegal as he had been punished by Federal Ombudsperson in a case and also disqualified for any post in future.
Bulgariaas Ombudsperson Maya Manolova filed a complaint with the Constitutional Court against the requirements of the new Fuel Act, Manolova's office said on 8thA of January, reports BNT.A ISLAMABAD The number of cases of sexual harassment at workplace reported to the Federal Ombudsperson Secretariat has increased from eight to over 40 per month.
Gregory Lick has been appointed the interim Ombudsperson for the Department of National Defence and the Canadian Armed Forces following Gary Walbourne, who has been Ombudsperson since 2014.