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 (ŏm′bŭdz-pûr′sən, -bədz-, -bo͝odz-)
An ombudsman or ombudswoman.

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In March this year, the Sindh and Punjab ombudspersons submitted reports to the Supreme Court, detailing the number of harassment complaints received and what action was taken against them.
On the occasion of the World Population Day, Ombudspersons of Bosnia and Herzegovina Nives Jukic, Ljubinko Mitrovic and Jasminka DA3/4umhur would like to turn the attention of the public to the human rights situation in the areas of sexual and reproductive health and gender-based violence in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
The Sindh and Punjab ombudspersons submitted reports on action taken in harassment cases in their provinces.
Some of the concerns raised were: the law and its title should be changed to encompass all women, and not limited to just the workplace; ombudspersons should have a legal background; there should be no cut-off date for filing a complaint; the law should be inclusive towards transgendered persons; and there should be a clearer definition of harassment.
The forum brought together more than 100 specialists from 16 regions of Kazakhstan, members of the Parliament of Kazakhstan, Ombudspersons of Central Asia, Russia, some European countries, international experts, civil society activists.
On the other hand, in her letter to President, the ombudsperson cited the related provisions of Ombudsmen Institutional Reforms Act 2013, which provide that no court of law has any jurisdiction over the decisions of ombudspersons, and keeping these provisions in view, the LHC did not have mandate to hear in the first place, a complaint that was being heard by the ombudsperson, let alone staying the proceedings and issuing arrest warrants of the ombudsperson.
The roundtable discussion on freedom of assembly in Central Asian countries will take place in Bishkek.Human rights experts from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, as well Ombudspersons from some Central Asian countries are expected to take part in discussions.
As would be expected, ombudspersons differ widely in their institutional status, powers, jurisdiction, and mode of functioning.
The Ombudspersons of Bosnia and Herzegovina Nives Jukic, Ljubinko Mitrovic and Jasminka DA3/4umhur congratulated May 3 - World Press Freedom Day to journalists, associations of journalists and employees of the media outlets in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
After the president upheld the decision of the ombudspersons, the Establishment Division issued the notification for the dismissal of the SP from service.