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also om·e·lette  (ŏm′ə-lĭt, ŏm′lĭt)
A dish consisting of beaten eggs cooked until set and folded over, often around a filling.

[French omelette, from Old French amlette, alteration of alumette, variant of alumelle, probably from (la) lemelle, (the) knife blade, from Latin lāmella, diminutive of lāmina, thin plate.]
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or om•e•lette

(ˈɒm lɪt, ˈɒm ə-)

a dish of beaten eggs cooked until set and often served folded around a filling, as of cheese, ham, or mushrooms.
[1605–15; < French omelette, derivative of lalemelle literally, thin plate, alter. of lemelle < Latin lāmella. See lamella, -et]
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, omelette - Omelet has also been written omelette, amulet, and aumelet; omelet's root sense is "thin layer" or "crepe," and it was first described in English as a "pancake of eggs."
See also related terms for pancake.
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Noun1.omelet - beaten eggs or an egg mixture cooked until just setomelet - beaten eggs or an egg mixture cooked until just set; may be folded around e.g. ham or cheese or jelly
dish - a particular item of prepared food; "she prepared a special dish for dinner"
firm omelet - eggs beaten with milk or cream and cooked until set
fluffy omelet - souffle-like omelet made by beating and adding the whites separately
egg foo yong, egg fu yung - omelet containing onions and celery and chopped meat or fish
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أُومْلِيتُعِجَّة بَيْض
trứng ốp lết


omelette [ˈɒmlɪt] Nomellete f, tortilla f francesa, torta f de huevos (Mex)
you can't make an omelet(te) without breaking eggsno se puede hacer tortillas sin romper huevos
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(ˈomlit) noun
eggs beaten and fried sometimes with vegetables, meat etc. a mushroom omelette.
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أُومْلِيتُ omeleta omelet Omelett ομελέτα tortilla munakas omelette omlet omelette オムレツ 오믈렛 omelet omelett omlet omeleta, omelete омлет omelett ไข่เจียว omlet trứng ốp lết 煎蛋
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Pinocchio is hungry and looks for an egg to cook himself an omelet; but, to his surprise, the omelet flies out of the window
Shall I make an omelet? No, it is better to fry you in a pan!
"If there is any cold chicken to be had," Emily added, "I undertake to follow the omelet with a mayonnaise."
You shall have a companion; we will send to the rectory for Miss Plym--the very person to chop parsley and shallot for my omelet. Oh, Emily, what a morning we are going to have!" Her lovely blue eyes sparkled with joy; she gave Emily a kiss which Mirabel must have been more or less than man not to have coveted.
One thing that Bertie detested was rice and curry, so it happened that he alone partook of an inviting omelet. He had quite finished his plate, when Harriwell helped himself to the omelet.
"Here, you, Wi-wi, what name that?" Harriwell bellowed, pointing accusingly at the omelet.
They had taken up to her room tea and an omelet; and they had been obliged to wake her from a sleep.
And she recommended great care in dripping the coffee and having the omelet done to a proper turn.
What would you prefer: planked whitefish, omelet with jelly or mutton-chops with gravy?"
At that moment Bazin entered with the spinach and the omelet.
When the mutton and an omelet had been served and a samovar and vodka brought, with some wine which the French had taken from a Russian cellar and brought with them, Ramballe invited Pierre to share his dinner, and himself began to eat greedily and quickly like a healthy and hungry man, munching his food rapidly with his strong teeth, continually smacking his lips, and repeating- "Excellent!
Jules has promised me a new omelet, on condition that we sit down at precisely half-past one.