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Noun1.omelette pan - pan for cooking omeletsomelette pan - pan for cooking omelets    
cooking pan, pan - cooking utensil consisting of a wide metal vessel
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Lightly oil an 18-20cm omelette pan and place over a medium to high heat.
Heat the butter in a non-stick omelette pan and add the haddock flakes.
Heat a small omelette pan over a medium heat, then spray with 1 cal oil spray.
2-3 eggs, knob of butter, 1/2 teaspoon mixed herbs, ground black pepper, chopped ham (optional) - whisk the eggs until fluffy, add the herbs and pepper, melt the butter in an omelette pan and add the eggs (and ham), cook slowly until it becomes firm.
The best-selling cookery book author caused a national cranberry shortage in 1995 and transformed the fortunes of a struggling Lancashire firm when she described their omelette pan as a little gem, prompting sales to leap from 200 a year to 90,000 in four months.
Heat 1 tsp olive oil in an omelette pan, add 50g chopped chorizo and cook for 2 mins.
JOHN'S CLASSIC CHEESE AND MUSHROOM OMELETTE WITH HERBS HEAT a good omelette pan and melt half the butter.
Using a small oven proof frying pan or omelette pan as a template, cut out a circle of pastry.
A FIRM which struggled to cope after Delia Smith praised its omelette pan has gone bust.
WHILE IT took Delia Smith to create a fevered demand for eggs, liquid glycerine, cranberries and the ideal omelette pan, the good old goose has done it all on its own.