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n. pl. o·men·ta (-tə) or o·men·tums
One of the folds of the peritoneum that connect the stomach with other abdominal organs, especially:
a. The greater omentum.
b. The lesser omentum.

[Latin ōmentum, perhaps a dialectal variant of *ūmentum (from earlier *ovimentum : *ov(i)-, to put on, cover-uere in Latin induere, to put on; see indumentum + -mentum, noun suffix) or perhaps from an Italic source akin to Umbrian umen and Latin unguen, fat, fatty substance (since the greater omentum is rich in fat), and Latin unguentum, salve; see unguent.]

o·men′tal (-təl) adj.


(Anatomy) anatomy located in, of, or relating to the omentum
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No evidence of omental caking, hepatic metastasis, or ascites was demonstrated.
However, we did not find any comprehensive review regarding the peritoneal, omental, and mesenteric location of this disease.
I completely agree with the authors that it is necessary to cover duodenal lesion with omental flap, although we do not perform excision of the duodenal/intestinal wall.
Radical surgery was performed involving total hysterectomy, bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy, pelvic and abdominal aortic lymphadenectomy, and omental resection.
After achieving pneumoperitoneum and having all four ports in place the gall balder was evaluated We gauged the difficulty levels according to the degree of the distention, thickness of gall bladder wall, omental adhesions as defined below
Patients who will undergo simple closure with omental patch as a standard operative procedure.
Drawing on neuroscience, physics, and psychology, the author offers a theory of how humans tell and perceive time, by arguing that the human brain is a complex system that tells time but also creates it by constructing a sense of chronological flow and enabling omental time travel,o or simulations of future and past events.
Contrast enhanced-computed tomography (CE-CT) showed all layers of the stomach and omental fat herniated into the lower oesophagus through a hiatal hernia (Figure 2a-d.
For patients operated via the abdominal route, 18% needed omental flap; no tissue interposition was used for the rest.
Artigo "Lamellar keratoplasty in rabbits using an allogeneic free omental graft and omentum-derived mesenchymal cells associated with the canine amniotic membrane" publicado no fasciculo v46n10 de outubro de 2016 da Ciencia Rural, onde se lia:
Peritoneal deposits can be seen as omental caking, stranding, cystic, nodular, smudged or may be of mixed variety.
Based on the review of five reported cases which were proposed as primary abdominal ectopic pregnancy, Berghella and Wolf presented all the published omental pregnancies would be secondary, and they may result from tubal or ovarian pregnancy abortions.