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n. pl. o·men·ta (-tə) or o·men·tums
One of the folds of the peritoneum that connect the stomach with other abdominal organs, especially:
a. The greater omentum.
b. The lesser omentum.

[Latin ōmentum, perhaps a dialectal variant of *ūmentum (from earlier *ovimentum : *ov(i)-, to put on, cover-uere in Latin induere, to put on; see indumentum + -mentum, noun suffix) or perhaps from an Italic source akin to Umbrian umen and Latin unguen, fat, fatty substance (since the greater omentum is rich in fat), and Latin unguentum, salve; see unguent.]

o·men′tal (-təl) adj.
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(Anatomy) anatomy located in, of, or relating to the omentum
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Mesentric and omental tears are repaired with silk suture.