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Possible to omit: an omissible word.

[From Latin omissus, past participle of omittere, to disregard; see omit.]


(oʊˈmɪs ə bəl)

capable of being omitted.
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Adj.1.omissible - capable of being left out
incidental, incident - (sometimes followed by `to') minor or casual or subordinate in significance or nature or occurring as a chance concomitant or consequence; "incidental expenses"; "the road will bring other incidental advantages"; "extra duties incidental to the job"; "labor problems incidental to a rapid expansion"; "confusion incidental to a quick change"
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In the Golan Heights, the scattered basalt stones are definitely not omissible, and when one observes them, one notices their semi-alliance that remained for their original function: to separate the unique properties that once belonged to the original population in this region.
Kinetic spectrophotometric factor XIII activity assays: the subtraction of plasma bank is not omissible. J Thromb Haemost.
Erlang B formula does not contain parameter for probability of delay, therefore this formula is more suitable for ATM network, because the probability of delay in this network is omissible. Through the Erlang C formula we can estimate the probability of delay, which usually occurs in IP networks.
In cases where the object of the collocations seems to be omissible, there may be a semantic difference between the collocation with an object and one without it.
Van Valin takes omissibility of this kind this to indicate that the true core arguments in head-marking languages are those attached to the predicate, while the other, omissible expressions are core external, though clause internal.
The remaining 75 minutes was omissible but few at Villa Park cared about that.