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Characterized by omission or omitting: omissive crimes; was omissive of responsibility.
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Adj.1.omissive - characterized by omissions; "omissive crimes"
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User omissive behavior is defined as the behavior of a user who is not following the corporate security policies, even though the user knows the policies (Hwang et al., 2017; Da Viega, 2016; D'Arcy & Green, 2014).
In the test, 1-800 times exceeds the control limit for misdiagnosis, 801-1000 times below the control limit for omissive judgement.
Another case of revocation for ingratitude is represented by the omissive deed of the donee, who did not inform the donor about other people's intention of attempt on his life, although he knew it.
Within this context, faults are classified in two main classes: omissive faults and Byzantine faults.
Actually, tax evasion is represented by the direct infringement, in mala fide, of the tax liabilities, both through omissive deeds (lack of bookkeeping etc.) and comissive deeds (account forgery, inexact revenue and expenses statements etc.).