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A movable stalk supporting an eye, as found in certain invertebrates.

[Greek omma, ommat-, eye; see okw- in Indo-European roots + -phore.]


(Zoology) zoology a movable stalk or tentacle bearing an eye, occurring in lower animals such as crabs and snails
[C19: from Greek omma eye + -phore]
ommatophorous adj
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Tentacles well-separated from each other; elongated and narrow, eyes placed on small protuberances at mid level of tentacle, on small ommatophore; proximal half of tentacles about double the width of distal half (Figs 21,24, 25).
All of them are exotic and classified into Stylommatophora, which includes monoic gastropods with invaginable (rather than contractile) ommatophores and a respiratory pore (THOME et al., 2006).