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Having unlimited or universal power, authority, or force; all-powerful.
1. One having unlimited power or authority: the bureaucratic omnipotents.
2. Omnipotent God. Used with the.

[Middle English, from Old French, from Latin omnipotēns, omnipotent- : omni-, omni- + potēns, present participle of posse, to be able; see poti- in Indo-European roots.]

om·nip′o·tence, om·nip′o·ten·cy n.
om·nip′o·tent·ly adv.
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بِقُدْرَةٍ كُلِيَّه
meî almáttugum hætti
herşeye gücü yeter şekilde


(omˈnipətənt) adjective
having absolute, unlimited power. the omnipotent power of God.
omˈnipotently adverb
omˈnipotence noun
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Certainly, while the expected and potential danger of 'Atteya is absent, we figure-out that it is omnipotently present.
By projecting the hated, engulfing or abandoning primal mother on to the body and then killing it, the surviving self is free to fuse with the split-off idealised, desexualised, omnipotently gratifying mother represented by states of oceanic bliss, dreamless eternal sleep, a permanent sense of peace, becoming one with the universe or achieving a state of nothingness" (Campbell in Perelberg 65).
Through the transitional object, the child loses one magical mode of thought, but gains another: the world may not be hers to control omnipotently, but in reality testing in this way the infant constructs a real world, with limits and laws, which can then be undermined by acts of secular magic.
Consistent with this assimilation and her customary intellectual probity, her poetry reflects a clear grasp of how advances across the sciences constituted, in her day, a composite and cumulative challenge to Christian beliefs--to belief in the very existence of a Creator-God who both omnipotently governs all natural processes and is lovingly concerned with every human being's welfare, and also to teachings concerning the divinity of Christ, miracles attributed to him, the Resurrection, and the promise of eternal life.
The function of sadism is to hurt, violate and omnipotently control the object.
First, emperors would omnipotently exercise universal rule and sacral authority over the realm while delegating broad executive powers to their ministers, so that a theoretically "omnipotent monarch" became a "rubber stamp" whose unlimited powers were circumscribed by bureaucratic checks and balances (p.
Since the reduplication process introduces in Lakota also a marker of intensity and sometimes even of sacredness (and not only of plurality)--as for instance in the sacred notion of takushkanshkan, which is obtained by reduplicating shkan ("to move"), with taku meaning "something," and takushkanshkan meaning "something that moves" omnipotently, "the moving principle" in all things, the energy of creation (cf.