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A pansexual person.

om′ni·sex′u·al′i·ty n.
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Yet their freewheeling, fantastical reinvention of Cavalli's score was a triumph, presenting this flamboyant omnisexual drama of lust, jealousy, pleasure and pain as the musically sumptuous, utterly modern entertainment that Cavalli surely intended.
Fatima Mernissi terms them as 'omnisexual' in her book Beyond Veil: Male Female Dynamics in Modern Muslim Society.
However, there have been moments in recent years that have suggested the Doctor might be, as many other aliens are, omnisexual. It would not be a huge shock to see the Doctor with a man.
"He [asked if I was] gay and I said, 'Jon, I'm omnisexual.' I didn't tell him I made up the word on the spot!
It was then used as the main story arc of the second season, but it became something else under the leadership of the omnisexual Captain Jack Harkness, played by John Barrowman.
Exploring the conscious and unconscious ideological bases of Arab-Muslim patriarchal systems, several critics have investigated what is called "the Muslim erotic and orthodox texts." They argue that in Muslim erotic texts women are portrayed as omnisexual beings transgressing patriarchal and social systems and violating the class structure in pursuit of personal sexual satisfaction.
Women (defined as anyone who identified as a woman, including transgender women and other people who felt the label "woman" applied to them) ages 16-29 who identified under the "bisexual umbrella," including women who identified as bisexual, pansexual, omnisexual, fluid, queer, and/or were attracted to people of more than one gender and/or were sexually active with more than one gender, were invited to participate.
I doubt it would comfort Moreno and his ilk to know that all of us are "omnisexual" in the womb and only come out male or female through hormonal happenstance.
Where can you meet an omnisexual time traveler from the 51st Century, a powerful warlord and feared warrior who vows to retake the Seven Kingdoms, a Hobbit gardener who plays a pivotal role in destroying the One Ring and a ruthless vampire who has killed two Slayers and has a reputation of torturing his victims with a railroad spike?
Barrowman was introduced in the final five episodes of Christopher Eccleston's Doctor as the omnisexual Jack, who very quickly established his popularity with viewers.
If that were so, in the macrocosm Strathern calls 'sociality,' the universe where 'dividuals' tussle and collide and elicit one another's inherent yet detachable features, maleness or femaleness could never be known or decided let alone 'transacted' because, according to her postulates, all relations would replicate the original 'unknowable' omnisexual condition.
In the United States, Walt Whitman's outsider--yet central--status as a queer member of the American polis as well as his omnisexual bravado in Leaves of Grass anoint him as the key precursor of the homosexual epic.