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A pansexual person.

om′ni·sex′u·al′i·ty n.
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com for identity-related words including transgender, cisgender, omnisexual, and asexual.
And that's just his explicitly queer output: As one of Britain's most productive and successful TV writers and show runners, Davies also counts among his achievements reviving the fabled Doctor Who franchise in 2005 and creating two spin-offs: The Sarah Jane Adventures, for children, and Torchwood, featuring omnisexual time traveler Capt.
Status categories, related target and agent status, and associated bias Status Categories Agent Status Target Status Race and Ethnicity People who are white People of color Physical/ People who have People who have Psychological/ abilities different abilities Developmental "Disability" Affectional/Sexual People who are People who are Orientation heterosexual lesbian, gay, Bisexual, omnisexual, pan sexual Class (S.
Where can you meet an omnisexual time traveler from the 51st Century, a powerful warlord and feared warrior who vows to retake the Seven Kingdoms, a Hobbit gardener who plays a pivotal role in destroying the One Ring and a ruthless vampire who has killed two Slayers and has a reputation of torturing his victims with a railroad spike?
Barrowman was introduced in the final five episodes of Christopher Eccleston's Doctor as the omnisexual Jack, who very quickly established his popularity with viewers.
If that were so, in the macrocosm Strathern calls 'sociality,' the universe where 'dividuals' tussle and collide and elicit one another's inherent yet detachable features, maleness or femaleness could never be known or decided let alone 'transacted' because, according to her postulates, all relations would replicate the original 'unknowable' omnisexual condition.
Fleshapoids' copious seminudity, play of textures, use of turbans and scarves, and omnisexual display recall Jack Smith's Flaming Creatures [1963].
The shaman, after all, leads to death and back, speaking in death's tongue and its twin's: the omnisexual appetites.
The true die-hard fans know Jack is omnisexual - he likes men and women - but if you only watched this series, without seeing any of the others, you would think that Jack is gay.
I don't have eternal life either," he says, laughing, before adding: "And I'm not omnisexual like Jack.
Lawrence Senelick traces the history of this gradual effort to masculinize the theater, noting in "Mollies or Men of Mode," that the theatrical representation of sodomites changed during the Restoration and eighteenth century from the omnisexual rake, for whom sodomy was a part of the "admissible accomplishments of a man of fashion" (34), to the fop, who by the middle of the eighteenth century was transformed into an asexual comic stereotype.