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Noun1.omphalocele - protrusion of the intestine and omentum through a hernia in the abdominal wall near the navelomphalocele - protrusion of the intestine and omentum through a hernia in the abdominal wall near the navel; usually self correcting after birth
hernia, herniation - rupture in smooth muscle tissue through which a bodily structure protrudes
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n. onfalocele, hernia congénita del ombligo.
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In spring 2013, she assisted students in organizing a benefit for a neighborhood young boy afflicted with Omphalocele.
They reported an increase of 5% or more for the following birth defects: anencephaly, spina bifida without anencephaly, encephalocele, Patau syndrome (trisomy 13), Edwards syndrome (trisomy 18), Down syndrome (trisomy 21), omphalocele, gastroschisis, and anophthalmia.
Alternative study focus Solomayer et al., "Fetal and neonatal Focus: comparison of outcomes outcome in patients with anterior between gastroschisis and abdominal wall defects (gastroschisis omphalocele and omphalocele)," Journal of Perinatal Medici M Kuleva, L.J.
Keshen, "The use of human acellular dermis in the operative management of giant omphalocele," Journal of Pediatric Surgery, vol.
The rate of preterm delivery was 7.5% (3/40), and one newborn had a congenital abnormality, an omphalocele. The mother of the infant with the omphalocele had started taking a 30 mg dose of MMI daily at 4 weeks of pregnancy and had continued until delivery.
His condition included a "tetralogy of Fallot" (a combination of four cardiac defects which results in deoxygenated blood mixing with oxygenated blood) and an omphalocele, a protrusion of the abdominal contents through the abdominal wall.
One of the two large case-control studies examining the teratogenic effects of SSRIs found no significant associations between SSRI use overall and congenital heart defects; but revealed an association with anencephaly, craniosynostosis, and omphalocele, with a small absolute risk (5).
This is an important differentiating feature between Gastrochisis and omphalocele. In addition fetuses with omphalocele have the abdominal viscera covered with a membranous sac.
Also allows the identification of related alterations such as: heart defects (CIV), polyhydramnios, encephalocele, duodenal atresia and omphalocele (MONTENEGRO; REZENDE FILHO, 2010).
Congenital heart disease, cystic hygroma, omphalocele, and duodenal atresia have the highest burden of aneuploidy, even though at least 50% of infants with DS have no recognizable major congenital anomalies.
It was also found that in these patients, fever, pain in stomach, cough, and loss of appetites screen for TORCH infection In BOH, fetuses born had hydrocephalus, omphalocele, anencephaly, and multi-congenital anomalies.
The condition, known as an omphalocele, is a birth defect in which the fetus' intestines and other abdominal organs stick out from the belly button.