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Noun1.omphalocele - protrusion of the intestine and omentum through a hernia in the abdominal wall near the navelomphalocele - protrusion of the intestine and omentum through a hernia in the abdominal wall near the navel; usually self correcting after birth
hernia, herniation - rupture in smooth muscle tissue through which a bodily structure protrudes


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n. onfalocele, hernia congénita del ombligo.
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Agreement was seen in 2 fetuses with omphaloceles, 1 with congenital diaphragmatic hernia, and 1 with gastroschisis.
3] Omphaloceles are infrequently encountered in SGBS and are more suggestive of BWS.
5) paper of 1967 reported the progressive reduction of eleven omphaloceles using a "Keel" or "Reef of Teflon-0 mesh.
A plea for conservative treatment of large, unruptured omphaloceles.
It is unclear why omphaloceles form in some babies.
Gastroschisis and omphaloceles comprise the most common fetal abdominal wall defects.
He offered a number of examples of problems detected via an early scan, including arachnoid cysts, anterior encephaloceles, omphaloceles, caudal regression syndrome, congenital cataracts, and discordancy for anencephaly in twins.
Most of the omphaloceles contain liver (80%) and less small bowel and rarely stomach and bladder.
There are occasions when the pathologist should recommend that particular corrective action be taken to avoid recurrences of harmful events, such as vitamin A and drug overdosage and excessive exposure to Mercurochrome (Resmed, Durban, South Africa) on skin wounds and omphaloceles.
Concurrent structural and/or chromosomal abnormalities may complicate up to 50% to 75% of cases presenting with omphaloceles and, thus, they are indicators for antenatal invasive testing.
In addition to a common hindgut remnant of varying size, omphaloceles are found in 88-100% of cases in EC.