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n.1.A form of double monster, in which two individuals are united by a common umbilicus.
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Unusual cardiac malformations in conjoined twins: thoracopagus twins with conjoined pentalogy of Cantrell and an omphalopagus twin with atretic ventricles.
4,9,10 Caudal epidural anesthesia combined with general anesthesia was also described in omphalopagus twins.
The more common types of conjoined twins include the thoracopagus type where the fusion is anterior, at the chest, and involves the heart (35%); the omphalopagus type where the fusion is at the mid-trunk (30%); the pygopagus type where there is a posterior union involving the rump (19%); the parapagus type, with a lateral fusion of the lower half of the body extending upwards (5%); and combination types.
The most famous case is that of the omphalopagus Eng brothers in the 1800s who were joined at the abdomen.