on approval

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1. The act or an instance of approving.
2. An official approbation; a sanction.
3. Favorable regard; commendation.
on approval
For examination or trial by a customer without the obligation to buy: took the dress on approval.
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Adv.1.on approval - for examination (with an option to buy); "they took the VCR on approval"
s výhradou vrácení
megtekintésre küldött áru
til skoîunar/reynslu
s možnosťou vrátenia


(əˈpruːv) verb
1. (often with of) to be pleased with or think well of (a person, thing etc). I approve of your decision.
2. to agree to (something). The committee approved the plan.
apˈproval noun
the act or state of agreeing to or being pleased with (a person, thing etc). This proposal meets with my approval.
on approval
to be sent or given back to a shop etc if not satisfactory. She bought two dresses on approval.