on duty

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 (do͞o′tē, dyo͞o′-)
n. pl. du·ties
a. An act or a course of action that is required of one by position, social custom, law, or religion: the duties of being a critical care nurse.
b. Required action or service: jury duty; beyond the call of duty. See Synonyms at function.
c. Active military service: a tour of duty.
a. Moral or legal obligation: It is your duty to tell the truth.
b. The compulsion felt to meet such obligation: acting out of duty.
3. A tax charged by a government, especially on imports.
a. The application of something for a purpose; use: The dining room table also does duty as a desk.
b. A measure of efficiency expressed as the amount of work done per unit of energy used.
5. The total volume of water required to irrigate a given area in order to cultivate a specific crop until harvest.
duty bound
Obliged: You are duty bound to help your little sister and brother.
off duty
Not engaged in or responsible for assigned work.
on duty
Engaged in or responsible for assigned work.

[Middle English duete, from Anglo-Norman, from due, variant of Old French deu, due; see due.]
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في الخِدْمَه، في أوقات العَمَل
ve službě
have vagt
aî vera á vakt eîa viî vinnu
görev başındagörevlinöbetçi


(ˈdjuːti) plural ˈduties noun
1. what one ought morally or legally to do. He acted out of duty; I do my duty as a responsible citizen.
2. an action or task requiring to be done, especially one attached to a job. I had a few duties to perform in connection with my job.
3. (a) tax on goods. You must pay duty when you bring wine into the country.
ˈdutiable adjective
(of goods) on which tax is to be paid.
ˈdutiful adjective
(negative undutiful) careful to do what one should. a dutiful daughter.
ˌduty-ˈfree adjective
free from tax. duty-free wines.
off duty not actually working and not liable to be asked to do so: The doctor's off duty this weekend; () adjective (etc)
She spends her off-duty hours at home.
on duty
carrying out one's duties or liable to be asked to do so during a certain period. I'm on duty again this evening.
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On Sundays and holidays the citizens trooped down, on visiting bent, and the lonely officer on duty solaced himself by playing the cicerone - especially to the citizenesses with engaging manners and a well-developed sense of the fun that may be got out of the inspection of a ship's cabins and state-rooms.