on the QT

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Adv.1.on the QT - in secrecy; not openly; "met secretly to discuss the invasion plans"; "the children secretly went to the movies when they were supposed to be at the library"; "they arranged to meet in secret"
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The anesthetic agent also had no effect on the QT interval, QTc, or Tp-Te/QT and Tp-Te/JT ratios during anesthesia.
The agency's dosage recommendation is based on postmarketing reports of QT prolongation associated with citalopram and results of a randomized, doubleblind, placebo-controlled crossover study evaluating the effects of 20-mg and 60-mg doses of citalopram on the QT interval in adults.
0 and previous versions were all based on the Qt library, a cross-platform framework that allows creating applications for Windows, Linux and Mac OSX.