on the lookout for

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in search of; looking for.

See also: Lookout

References in classic literature ?
My own hand placed it in one of the rouleaux of false half-crowns; and my own hand also directed the spurious coin, when it had been safely packed up, to a certain London dealer who was to be on the lookout for it by the next night's mail.
The French have been on the lookout for that sort of thing.
Always he was on the lookout for the trail of the gods where it might leave the river and proceed inland.
I did not dare to enter the building, filled as it was with members of the air-scout squadron, who, in common with all Zodanga, were on the lookout for me.
Lawson, on the lookout for models, had discovered a girl who was understudying at one of the theatres, and in order to induce her to sit to him arranged a little luncheon-party one Sunday.
She joined them at the moment, on the lookout for any signs of an encouraging result which her treachery might already have produced.
It did not exactly beggar description, but it certainly had that word on the lookout for the mendicancy squad.
I have never seen anything extraordinary, though I am always on the lookout for it everywhere," said Vronsky, smiling.
As it was, they narrowly escaped capture by some privateers from the fifth-form rooms, who were on the lookout for the hot-water convoys, and pursued them up to the very door of their room, making them spill half their load in the passage.