on the whole

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a. Containing all components; complete: the whole series of novels.
b. Not divided or disjoined; in one unit: a whole loaf.
c. Constituting the full amount, extent, or duration: The baby cried the whole trip home.
a. Not wounded, injured, or impaired; sound or unhurt: Many escaped the fire frightened but whole.
b. Having been restored; healed: After the treatment he felt whole.
3. Having the same parents: a whole sister.
1. A number, group, set, or thing lacking no part or element; a complete thing.
2. An entity or system made up of interrelated parts: The value of the whole was greater than the sum of its parts.
adv. Informal
Entirely; wholly: a whole new idea.
as a whole
All parts or aspects considered; altogether: disliked the acting but enjoyed the play as a whole.
on the whole
1. Considering everything: on the whole, a happy marriage.
2. In most instances or cases; as a rule: can expect sunny weather, on the whole.

[Middle English hole, unharmed, from Old English hāl; see kailo- in Indo-European roots.]

whole′ness n.
Synonyms: whole, all, entire, gross, total
These adjectives mean including every constituent or individual: a whole town devastated by an earthquake; all the class going on a field trip; entire shipments lost by the distributor; gross income; the total cost of the project.
Antonym: partial
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Adv.1.on the whole - with everything considered (and neglecting details); "altogether, I'm sorry it happened"; "all in all, it's not so bad"
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إجمالا، بِوَجْه الإجْمال
òegar á heildina er litiî
genel olarakgenellikle


(həul) adjective
1. including everything and/or everyone; complete. The whole staff collected the money for your present; a whole pineapple.
2. not broken; in one piece. She swallowed the biscuit whole.
1. a single unit. The different parts were joined to form a whole.
2. the entire thing. We spent the whole of one week sunbathing on the beach.
ˈwholeness noun
ˈwholly adverb
completely or altogether. I am not wholly certain yet.
ˌwholeˈhearted adjective
sincere and enthusiastic. wholehearted support.
ˈwholemeal noun
flour made from the entire wheat grain or seed. wholemeal flour/bread.
on the whole
taking everything into consideration. Our trip was successful on the whole.
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