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Adj.1.on-key - in tuneon-key - in tune; accurate in pitch; "a true note"
harmonious - musically pleasing
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There is hardly any choreography to speak of -- in one number Byrne just sways back and forth as the camera flies overhead grandiosely as though this was a Busby Berkeley setup -- and the singing, across the board, is on-key mediocrity, even though the auto tuning does its best to obscure everyone's natural sound.
It was an open secret on the show that Auto-Tune was used to both make contestants slightly more on-key or off-key.
Most of them had either failed to meet--or had only marginally improved on-key performance indicators such as vehicle fill, empty running, delays and fuel consumption.
But many others are noticeably more gifted in one area than the other: Elvis Costello is a skillful singer, but does not have an especially fine voice; Tanya Donnelly has a perfectly serviceable natural instrument, but has never learned how to sing reliably on-key.
But in its on-key depiction of daily life that goes on under any circumstances, it largely lives up to its credentials, which include winning the 2005 Sundance/NHK award for best European project and getting the high sign from Martin Scorsese and Wim Wenders, who are listed as associate producers.
At times, they're singing on-key with a full orchestra behind them and sometimes they're singing off-key, a capella.
The Kingsmen's version was not the first recording of Louie, Louie, and it wasn't exactly the most on-key - but it was a massive hit and has been a party favourite ever since.
LAS VEGAS -- The On-Key Family of Karaoke Handheld Players Provide Karaoke Enthusiasts with Award-Winning, Best-of-Class Karaoke Technology, and Takes Home Entertainment to a New Level of Fun
Her sparkling, on-key perf is one of pic's major pluses.
Debbie Reynolds bought a touch of Molly Brown to the amiable, asexual and on-key "The Singing Nun," based on the reallife story of a nun-turned-successful pop recording artist.