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Adj.1.on-street - at the sides of streets; "on-street parking is prohibited at rush hour"
off-street - not on the streets; "off-street parking"; "off-street unloading of vehicles"
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Motorists will have to pay for metered on-street parking downtown on Friday and Saturday.
Long stay on-street parking Parking for up to six hours will increase to PS7.
Pugh and theParking Authority of Baltimore City (PABC), in partnership with theMayors Office on Disabilities, announced Monday that Phase 4 ofProjectSPACE, the parking program aimed at combatting the abuse of disability placards, creating reserved, accessible on-street parking for people with disabilities and making more available parking for everyone, will launch in Mount VernonOct.
Unsealed road with drainage problems and lack of on-street parkingConstruct sealed road with on-street parking and stormwater drainage.
The council is also looking at on-street parking on Market Square, Sydney Street and Mumforth Street and wants to investigate whether the cycle path on Church Street can be relocated to an adjacent route.
Based on the report of the PSD's Ordinance Violation Receipt Redemption Management Division, a total of 58,753 violations were recorded due to on-street operations and the strict enforcement of traffic rules.
Parking facilities at the waterfront destination are also expected to be upgraded with better signage, including clear indicators of parking space availability, valet parking, on-street VIP parking, and operators in all car parks to assist visitors.
Parkers will be able to take advantage of Parkmobile and ParkNow, Parkmobile's reservations platform, in order to pay for on-street parking or reserve parking near the event using their mobile phones.
The free mobile app developed with Apply Parking and Nwave will be trialled at three locations - New Union Street, Warwick Road and St Johns Street - to help motorists find on-street parking.
CRIMESTOPPERS is working with West Yorkshire Police to highlight the issue of on-street child sexual exploitation.
6,598 new on-street parking bays, both paid and unpaid, for vehicles in Abu Dhabi
Our lucky winner can pick their car up from one of almost 30 Glasgow on-street locations, before setting off for a two-night stay in one of Peebles Hydro's feature rooms.