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Adj.1.on-street - at the sides of streets; "on-street parking is prohibited at rush hour"
off-street - not on the streets; "off-street parking"; "off-street unloading of vehicles"
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RESIDENTS say they are not able to buy on-street parking permits for the roads where they live.
Government funding for on-street electric car charging is to be doubled, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps has announced.
The money will support the on-street residential charge point scheme, launched in 2017.
The apartment also has a loft storage area, double glazing and on-street parking.
Leicestershire County Council has carried out a review in to how best to manage the whole network across the county and identified 'on-street' parking as a factor that can affect the economy.
From Sunday, June 30, motorists will have to pay for on-street parking bays.
COMMUTERS in Cardiff face new increases in on-street car parking charges of up to 20%.
Last summer, the ParkMobile App launched in Tulsa as a way for downtown visitors to pay for on-street parking.
CALDERDALE Council has decided to extend one-hour free on-street parking in Brighouse town centre until the end of January.
The tender is part of a project forA planning and development of a paid on-street parking zone in Varna and purchase ofA vehicles for on-street parking control.
October 30 2018 has been set as the launch date for Transport for Buckinghamshire's'virtual permits' for on-street parking in resident permit areas and online applications for all other permit types.