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(ôn′thə-rĕk′ərd, ŏn′-)
Intended for publication or attribution: on-the-record comments by the senator.
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And the UK Government last night also refused to issue an on-the-record comment to the Record on the scandal.
After all, there is an on-the-record confession by one of the principal parties to the crime and several other actors in the shameful episode are still around, and can easily be summoned for questioning.
Such is the clamour from fans for some form of on-the-record update from NUFC - who have refused to comment publicly on Benitez's contract situation, or the Bin Zayed Group's prospective takeover -social media went into a frenzy on Tyneside on Monday when the United manager was pictured returning to the club's training ground.
This was in breach of on-the-record statements made by the president last August, namely that the immovable properties in question would be transferred to municipalities and local communities to be used as cultural centres or for other charitable activities.
Although a GAL had been appointed to help protect the juvenile's interests and had participated in the lobby conference at which the plea agreement was reached, the GAL did not attend the plea hearing or otherwise offer any on-the-record endorsement of the agreement.
ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski confirmed that the NBA has opened an investigation with the reason being an "on-the-record" trade request by a player or an agent.
The Court of Appeals said a good-faith failure to record does not violate the Correctional Officers' Bill of Rights on-the-record mandate.
We will not be conducting on-the-record interviews.
A deputy commissioner conducted an on-the-record hearing and denied the claim.
Contradictory claims have emerged from a high ranking government official and a journalist, who reported about the meeting in several international news outlets, about whether the meeting was a formal interview at all and whether off-the-record comments of the prime minister were published as on-the-record comments.
In response to this, Amanda Coakley, a freelance Irish journalist who was a part of a UK media delegation that conducted the interview, stated that Naeem ul Haque was present in the room when the "on-the-record interview" took place.