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(ôn′thə-rĕk′ərd, ŏn′-)
Intended for publication or attribution: on-the-record comments by the senator.
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Bale, Ramos, Zidane and Modric all came out in on-the-record interviews after it was used once in a game in December and said they don't want or need it.
In January 2017, FINRA requested Jumper appear and provide on-the-record testimony as part of an investigation that FINRA was conducting.
They are on-the-record accounts should outweigh those of anonymous sources.
Prior to Facebook's on-the-record statement claiming it would never partake in helping build a Muslim registry, individual members of the tech community started circulating an (http://neveragain.
The New York Times got it right, insisting their meeting with Trump was on-the-record, reported in real time, and followed with a complete transcript.
Thirdly, there are financial trail of links with the RAW; and fourthly, confessional statements about these links exist and one of these has been leaked already, there are on-the-record interviews and confessions.
Daily News Egypt tried to contact officials from Uber and Careem for comment, but was unable to get on-the-record responses.
You could do business with him - he knew the on-the-record and off-therecord way of doing things and was a very pragmatic man.
The Daily Star was asked to submit a handwritten request at the Water Authority's headquarters, and no officials were made available for an on-the-record interview.
The serialisation contained on-the-record claims Mr Cameron smoked cannabis at university and cocaine was at a dinner party at his home.
In a conversation with Malcolm Hoenlein, the executive vice chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, Hillary Clinton made her first on-the-record comments about the current storm surrounding U.
He said he found it "surprising" that an accused person would tell all to the police and then refuse to say anything on-the-record or in front of independent witnesses.