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Only the other day I encountered this pearl of wisdom on a philosophy page: 'All philosophy is mental onanism'.
These "smooches" have puzzled critics, some of whom have suggested they imply onanism (P.
of themselves (metromanie, bouts-rime, onanism), underlies these
The struggle against arrogant--ignorance, onanism, and overall Black mental illness and the prescriptive guidelines and living legacy of Yosef ben-Jochannon.
Then Kate Julian's Atlantic examination of what she calls the "sexual recession" looks at a surprising reality of life in the sexually liberated West--the fact that despite (or because of?) our permissive culture and the sweeping availability of entertainments that cater to every kind of sexual desire, the sexual act itself has fallen somewhat out of fashion, along with its usual accompaniments (relationships, marriage, childbearing), while onanism and long-term celibacy are on the rise.
With her extravagant abjection and cheerful onanism, Fatebe proved to be a surprisingly expressive form and inexhaustible engine of breakdown and recuperation.
Instead, he convincingly argues, the culture of academic economists encourages and rewards a mathematical modeling onanism that is not only not "seminal," but is instead practically barren of any contributions to that understanding.
These three women become connected first loosely, and then very closely, after a shocking incident: Tara, finding herself alone on the train, decides to give in to her impulse and indulges in onanism. This is caught on film without her knowledge or permission and leaked online, making her the most vilified woman in the country within 24 hours.
suslova said that "the girl had bad habits which had a great effect on her health, namely: she engaged in onanism." Id.
You had a problem, you brought it to ASPAW, whether your pet fish had gone missing despite not having a cat, two Santa Clauses were simultaneously spotted on neighboring roofs the day after Halloween, or when Chad Hanley, ninth-grade lothario, made a claim per what seemed a humanly impossible amount of onanism in a six-hour stretch.
You won't find in Joaquin's works a man engaging in onanism.
The manner of his dress during his erotic asphyxiation ritual compounded the sense of unmanliness created by the shameful fact of drug-and-asphyxiation-enhanced onanism that had gone too far.