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1. Masturbation.
2. Coitus interruptus.

[After Onan, son of Judah (Genesis 38:9).]

o′nan·ist n.
o′nan·is′tic adj.
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Noun1.onanist - a person who practices masturbation
individual, mortal, person, somebody, someone, soul - a human being; "there was too much for one person to do"
frotteur - someone who masturbates by rubbing against another person (as in a crowd)
jerk-off, tosser, wanker - terms of abuse for a masturbator
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Foucault shows this relationship between masturbation and the negative perception of it connected to economics when he writes of the precocious onanist as one "in danger of compromising not so much his physical strength as his intellectual capacity, his moral fiber, and the obligation to preserve a healthy line of descent for his family and his social class" (121) and "Parents, families, educators, doctors, and eventually psychologists would have to take charge, in a continuous way, of this precious and perilous, dangerous and endangered sexual potential: this pedagogization was especially evident in the war against onanism, which in the West lasted nearly two centuries" (104).
Wurm once described his work as engaging with "the difficulty of mastering life," and several of the characters who populated the show are defined by the form of physical restraint, or lack, under which they labor--from the armless would-be onanist in Telekinetischer Masturbator, 2009, to the related pair of vaguely human figures (Jakob/Big Psycho VII and Big Gulp Lying, both 2010) whose incomplete "bodies" are bound in sweaterlike garments with disconcertingly vaginal openings--extending and elaborating the distortions of the artist's Pilobolus-like 1992 performance documentation 59 Positions.
Wood is delicious as the seemingly innocent spite maiden with the steel capped tongue and devious agenda while, in perhaps the most monstrously grotesque performance of his career, James Woods goes over the top, down the other side and back up again as her crass racist, sexist, onanist business tycoon father who's such a grubby sleazeball you feel the need to rush out and wash.
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