once in a blue moon

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نادِرٌ، قَلَّمـا يَحْدُث
jednou za uherský rok
mjög sjaldan
raz za uhorský rok
kırk yılda birpek ender


(bluː) adjective
1. of the colour of a cloudless sky. blue paint; Her eyes are blue.
2. sad or depressed. I'm feeling blue today.
1. the colour of a cloudless sky. That is a beautiful blue.
2. a blue paint, material etc. We'll have to get some more blue.
3. the sky or the sea. The balloon floated off into the blue.
ˈblueness noun
ˈbluish adjective
quite blue; close to blue. a bluish green.
ˈbluebottle noun
a kind of large house-fly with a blue abdomen.
ˈbluecollar adjective
(of workers) wearing overalls and working in factories etc. Blue collar workers are demanding the same pay as office staff.
ˈblueprint noun
a detailed photographic plan of work to be carried out. the blueprints for a new aircraft.
once in a blue moon
very seldom. He visits his mother once in a blue moon.
out of the blue
without warning. He arrived out of the blue, without phoning first.
the blues
low spirits; depression. He's got the blues today but he's usually cheerful.
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Ultimately, Once in a Blue Moon is about noticing, and it encourages young children to take in the world around them through various means of observation and engagement.
You may have heard the word "once in a blue moon." And there is a reason for it.
The phrase "once in a blue moon" was derived from this phenomenon to signify rarity.
When two full moons are viewable in the same calendar month, the second is traditionally called a Blue Moon and the moment gave rise to the aphorism "once in a blue moon".