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The sophisticated oncogene laboratory, which is part of the ambitious Yacoub Behbehani Laboratory Building and Bone Marrow Transplantation Center, is expected to make a great difference in discovering and treating advanced and complicated types of cancer, ministry spokesman Dr.
Guilty as charged: B-RAF is a human oncogene. Cancer Cell 2004;6(4):313-9.
Overexpression of FTH1P3 promoted proliferation and colony formation in OSCC cells and the upregulation of FZD5 (frizzled class receptor 5), target of miR-224-5p and an oncogene involved in activation of Wnt/[beta]-catenin signaling.
In these cells, while stem cell potential is maintained, the oncogenic protein responsible for disease is lost ("oncogene suppression") [33, 34].
The pace of progress in battling cancers has steadily accelerated, and a relatively new tool--the oncogene panel--is beginning to prove its value.
TEHRAN (FNA)- In a study involving the fruit fly equivalent of an oncogene implicated in many human leukemias, a research team has gained insight into how developing cells normally switch to a restricted, or specialized, state and how that process might go wrong in cancer.
About 10% of lung cancer patients have mutations in the EGFR oncogene. For those patients in particular, this finding could have significant impact in developing a personalized, targeted therapy.
* Self sufficiency of growth signals: Tumors have capacity to proliferate without external stimuli, as a consequence of oncogene activation.
Thus, silencing GRP78 oncogene expression via the RNAi pathway may lead to cancer cell death.
The key features of developing gastric cancer are hyperproliferation and oncogene expression of gastric epithelial cells.