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A spherical stromatolite that usually forms around a fragment of detritus such as a piece of shell or a grain of sand.

[Greek onkos, mass; see oncology + -lite.]

on′co·lit′ic (-lĭt′ĭk) adj.
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To the wood Martin added an oncolite of a 50 million year old fossil snail that he had collected near Dubois, Wyoming.
The dolomitic oncolite and shelly limestones with specific conodont fauna on the Anikaitse and Hulge cliffs (beds 6-10) are traditionally considered as the Soeginina Beds.
Distribution of calcareous algae, oncolites and stromatolites in the Wenlock-Ludlow boundary beds in Estonia.
They exhibit stromatolitic, microphytic thrombolytic facies with sedimentary fills, oncoids, oncolites, pesoids, lithoclasts and intraclasts.
Depending on hydrological influences, their size and shape can vary from wide expanses of soft mats, to colossal size mounds, to relatively diminutive round bails called oncolites that quietly roll down the river.
It contains primary structures described as pseudooolites, and also an abundance of fossils including algal masses (oncolites).