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a. oncótico-a, rel. a una tumefacción o la causa de ésta.
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To increase the blood oncotic pressure, albumin is among the colloids used in the resuscitation of burn patients (6).
The major force opposing ultrafiltration is glomerular capillary oncotic pressure, created by the gradient between the high concentration of plasma Proteins within the capillary and the almost protein-free ultrafiltrate in Bowman's space.
Hypoalbuminemia causes ascites formation, not only by reducing plasma oncotic pressure, but also by reducing effective plasma volume (5).
Albumin plays a role in limiting the fluid leakage into the tissue from the vascular system [19], preserving the plasma colloid oncotic pressure, and inducing hemodilution [20].
Meta-analysis done showed that hyper oncotic colloid solutions per se injure the kidney and the renal effects are colloid specific29.
Another possible factor for the observed fluid expansion could be the increased plasma protein concentration inducing an increase in plasma oncotic pressure (Maughan et al., 1985; Mischler et al., 2003).
Rate of filtration is influenced by BP in the ciliary body capillaries and plasma oncotic pressure.
They also concluded that these could be used as independent prognostic factors.[10],[11] Albumin is the most important plasma protein; it is synthesized in the adult liver and its synthesis is regulated by a variety of factors, including nutritional status, serum oncotic pressure, cytokines, and hormones.[22] Since the half-life of albumin in serum is approximately 20 days, responses to acute events are slow, which is why we could not find a correlation with SUV[sub]max values and albumin after treatment.
Oncotic gradients are created by colloids to increase the intravascular space (i.e., albumin, hydroxyethyl starches [HESs], and gelatins).
It is caused by increase in hepatic sinusoidal pressure and decrease in oncotic pressure because of hypoalbuminemia.
Also, the oncotic effect of albumin serves to maintain the intravascular volume and can prevent the development of hypovolemia, hemoconcentration, ascites, and pleural effusion.