one hundred one

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cardinal - being or denoting a numerical quantity but not order; "cardinal numbers"
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IHS senior staffers apprised the local journalists that IHS was operating the management of the six taluka hospitals, four government hospitals, one hundred one rural health facilities in twenty districts of Sindh Province.
GTS is chemotherapeutic retro-conversion characterized by an increase in metastatic mass after complete eradication of a primary malignant ovarian germ cell tumour and by normalization of serum tumour markers, either during or after chemotherapy.1,2 Incidence of GTS is 12% after ovarian germ cell tumours.3,4 There are one hundred one cases of ovarian GTS from literature published between 1977 and 2015.5 Reason for occurrence of GTS is not exactly known but hypothetically there are two major inferences of GTS formation that is chemotherapy transforms malignant cells into "benign" teratomatous elements and chemotherapy can only destroy malignant cells leaving chemoresistant teratoma behind.4,6
From 2012 to 2017, one hundred one thousand two hundred sixty four procedure has been done and overall mortality has gown down.
UMH Properties, Inc., which was organized in 1968, is a public equity REIT that owns and operates one hundred one manufactured home communities with approximately 18,100 developed homesites.
According to details, over one hundred one billion rupees were released to WAPDA for various power projects.
But total daily output has not grown by the same percentage; instead, it has grown by only one percent on the first day, from one hundred to one hundred one fish (ninety nine the rest of us catch plus your two).
The longest words, the 9s, are non-porous, stuporous and torturous, with only six 8s, twenty-one 7s, fifty-three 6s, seventy-one 5s, one hundred one 4s and seventy-five 3s, totaling 330 or a mere 0.33% of the total.
Wagah, Sep 5 (ANI): One hundred one Indian fishermen crossed into India through the Wagah- Attari land route on Sunday after being released by the Pakistan maritime force and rangers.
One hundred one studies reviewed by the WWC investigated the effects of "READ 180." Seven studies (Haslam, White, & Klinge, 2006; Interactive Inc., 2002; Lang, Torgesen, Petscher, Vogel, Chanter, & Lefsky, 2008; Scholastic Research, 2008; White, Haslam, & Hewes, 2006; White, Williams, & Haslem, 2006; Woods, 2007), one of which is a randomized controlled trial and six of which are quasi-experimental designs, meet WWC evidence standards with reservations.
One hundred one subjects who lost more than 8% of their initial body weight were subsequently randomly assigned to a one-year double-blind CLA (3.4 g/d; n = 51) or placebo (olive oil; n = 50) supplementation regime in combination with a modest hypocaloric diet of 1250 kJ/d.