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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: - the property of having one dimensionone-dimensionality - the property of having one dimension
dimensionality - the spatial property of having dimensions; "all matter has dimensionality"
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However, the problems attributed to [alpha] are not intrinsic to it, but are based on the misinterpretations and the indiscriminate use by some researchers who do not check the basic assumptions that must be fulfilled for the use of this coefficient such as: tau-equivalence, which requires items measuring the same trait to have the same or a similar degree of precision (Cho, 2016); non-correlation of errors, since it is assumed that they are completely independent of each other (Cortina, 1993); one-dimensionality, that is, that all the items measure a single latent trait and that continuous measurement is required (Elosua & Zumbo, 2008).
"Despite these first impressions, fruits and vegetables both possess exciting attributes at their core--eye-catching colors, natural sweetness, visceral sensations of crunch and juiciness--that can break free of health foods' one-dimensionality and offer eaters dynamic, cool and personally relevant choices," the report says.
Palumbo acknowledges that the necessarily brief time occupied by each character in the narrative results in one-dimensionality, but that this backgrounds the focus on personality and foregrounds the narrative flow of history, which itself is shown to embody a fractal structure, or an unfolding of events that exhibits the particular operating principles of chaos.
From the beginning, however, Alderson makes the difference between old Marxist "one-dimensionality" (Marcuse [1964] 1991) and (his) more nuanced, albeit also politically committed, cultural materialism (27).
While this uncertainty could be read as complexity, the one-dimensionality of the rest of the characters suggests a simple lack of tonal consistency.
I use the concept of one-dimensionality, elaborated by Flerbert Marcuse, to unpack key documents within the Merida II Initiative, and the United States Northern Command (USNORTFICOM) and the United States Southern Command (USSOUTFICOM)--two umbrella entities which organize and execute homeland defense and civil support missions for Mexico and Central America, respectively.
Regarding data analysis, the procedure adopted by Dany and Abric (2007) was reproduced: (1) creating distance to the object variable and verifying their one-dimensionality aspect; (2) bringing to light the different dimensions that organize the representational field of cocaine; (3) assessing the effect of distance to cocaine on the representational dimensions.
But after being 15 odd years in NASA, I realized I was stealthily but surely falling into that one-dimensionality trap.
It's easy to imagine the economists covering the Gulf being either bored with the one-dimensionality of it all, or taking an agreeable sojourn from the rigours of forecasting, and issues for resolution, that present themselves in other regions -- whether the US, Europe, China, Japan, or emerging markets.
Among the perspectives are reconsidering one-dimensionality in the Internet age, the web as digital discourse and culture, the pleasures of collaboration, the origins of the cute as a dominant aesthetic category in digital culture, Barack Obama and the celebrity spectacle, and digital research and tenure and promotion in colleges of arts and sciences.
In the evidence investigation of internal structure, seeking the dimensionality of Forms A and B the program Microfact was used, which makes use of IRT and tetrachoric correlation coefficients, using the scree plot as the structure to analyze the criterion found, the division between the eigenvalue of the first and second factor assuming values above 5 for suggested one-dimensionality and factor loadings of the items above .30.