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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: - the property of having one dimensionone-dimensionality - the property of having one dimension
dimensionality - the spatial property of having dimensions; "all matter has dimensionality"
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As usual, Alderson's discourse is nuanced and, beyond one-dimensionality and assimilation, he still advocates for change from a humanistic stance.
While this uncertainty could be read as complexity, the one-dimensionality of the rest of the characters suggests a simple lack of tonal consistency.
For Marcuse, one-dimensionality unfolds in various forms and can be identified in several ways.
Regarding data analysis, the procedure adopted by Dany and Abric (2007) was reproduced: (1) creating distance to the object variable and verifying their one-dimensionality aspect; (2) bringing to light the different dimensions that organize the representational field of cocaine; (3) assessing the effect of distance to cocaine on the representational dimensions.
But after being 15 odd years in NASA, I realized I was stealthily but surely falling into that one-dimensionality trap.
It's easy to imagine the economists covering the Gulf being either bored with the one-dimensionality of it all, or taking an agreeable sojourn from the rigours of forecasting, and issues for resolution, that present themselves in other regions -- whether the US, Europe, China, Japan, or emerging markets.
Among the perspectives are reconsidering one-dimensionality in the Internet age, the web as digital discourse and culture, the pleasures of collaboration, the origins of the cute as a dominant aesthetic category in digital culture, Barack Obama and the celebrity spectacle, and digital research and tenure and promotion in colleges of arts and sciences.
Other sex symbols drift towards one-dimensionality, but Aniston has remained sexy, funny and real.
easy to see how this type-casting occurred, a consequence of accurately portraying the crimes committed against Jewish people, to focus primarily or exclusively on victimhood is to reduce the characters to one-dimensionality.
White Out's--and noise music's--intellectual and acoustical one-dimensionality has a notable analogue in modern literature.
99 [pounds sterling]), which efficiently tells of the conspiracies and intrigues surrounding the last months of Julius Caesar's life, is too wed to a semi-factualised mode to rise above dryness and one-dimensionality.