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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: - having a single ear
monaural - relating to or having or hearing with only one ear; "monaural deafness"
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And the back and flanks are hairless and shiny Sad old horse--the entire neighbourhood's Arabs came to look hands behind their backs and upper lips lifted disdainfully With great difficulty they managed to get the horse in the truck but the one-eared head protruded he was too bulky to fit in entirely.
For more stories from this area, visit PLEAS to home this cute one-eared dog have come from a canine charity.
A ONE-EARED teenager suspected of butchering a girl in a Satanic attack has been arrested while on the run in Spain.
The rabbits, which have only one ear each, have been named Vincent and Pablo after one-eared Vincent van Goch and fellow artist Pablo Picasso.
These were used as sources of one-eared genotypes with high stalk strength in this experiment.