a.1.Employing one hand; as, the one-hand alphabet. See Dactylology.
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com)-- Klaus Botta designed the world's very first one-hand wristwatch back in 1986 - the UNO.
It has meanwhile become a design classic and triggered a wave of copycat one-hand watches by many other manufacturers.
With the recent auction of the formerly inaccessible Paul Wittgenstein Archive, with an increasing number of one-hand pianists now sustaining successful concert careers, and with more American musicologists interested in the intersections between music and disability, the once-marginalized repertoire of one-hand piano music is now ripe for historical and critical scrutiny.
This conception of artistic achievement and expressive freedom--as predicated on rules, limitation, Beschrdnkung--is a trope that composers of one-hand piano music repeatedly invoke.
These marksmanship displays included one-hand shooting short-barreled guns with unending ammunition uphill in blowing snowstorms on moving targets in the pitch dark as just a few examples.
Cutting to the chase I have both the Mel Pardue designed model 5000 Auto Presidio and the 5000SBK and in staying with the one-hand vein of this column the reason I chose these knives is the auto operation allows me to deploy and use the knife with either hand and one handed.
Physical measurements showed that those who used two hands for design had a 64 percent reduction in hand motion activity compared to one-hand users.
Keep most of your one-hand training at less than 10 yards, with heavy doses of 5 to 7 yard shooting.
com)-- NOVA Titan from BOTTA-Design: the high-tech one-hand watch
Without a doubt, stabilizing the gun's muzzle in-line with the target is the primary goal of any one-hand shooting technique, but does a technique that is intended for competition translate into a good technique for personal defense?
The result will be a production-ready tourniquet that incorporates a number of advanced features, including one-hand application, prevention of inadvertent release, and finite pressure control.
MEMSCAP SP844 disposable medical transducer is a key element of the new solution, unveiled during the Paris "Course on Re-vascularisation" Congress, enabling the operation of this single use unit one-hand pump sending fluids into the body for X-ray catheterization.