a.1.Employing one hand; as, the one-hand alphabet. See Dactylology.
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com)-- Klaus Botta designed the world's very first one-hand wristwatch back in 1986 - the UNO.
It has meanwhile become a design classic and triggered a wave of copycat one-hand watches by many other manufacturers.
Arcade Beauty, a company occupied in the development, marketing, sale and production of multi-sensory and interactive sampling solutions, and Easysnap Technology, which has created a patented one-hand opening and dispensing unit dose, have signed into a strategic partnership.
Easysnap co-founders Christian Burattini and Andrea Taglini said: "We are extremely pleased to be joining forces with Arcade Beauty to fully develop the market for the patented one-hand opening and dispensing unit dose.
Easysnap"), creator of the patented one-hand opening and dispensing unit dose are pleased to announce a new strategic partnership.
With the recent auction of the formerly inaccessible Paul Wittgenstein Archive, with an increasing number of one-hand pianists now sustaining successful concert careers, and with more American musicologists interested in the intersections between music and disability, the once-marginalized repertoire of one-hand piano music is now ripe for historical and critical scrutiny.
These marksmanship displays included one-hand shooting short-barreled guns with unending ammunition uphill in blowing snowstorms on moving targets in the pitch dark as just a few examples.
The one-hand opening/closing Kalinga Pro Folders (415 and 419) have 3 7/8"-long skinning blades.
David admits that he still trains by plieing and pressing Sharon into the air while she stands on his hands, then continues with their one-hand aerial arabesque.
com)-- NOVA Titan from BOTTA-Design: the high-tech one-hand watch
The result will be a production-ready tourniquet that incorporates a number of advanced features, including one-hand application, prevention of inadvertent release, and finite pressure control.
MEMSCAP SP844 disposable medical transducer is a key element of the new solution, unveiled during the Paris "Course on Re-vascularisation" Congress, enabling the operation of this single use unit one-hand pump sending fluids into the body for X-ray catheterization.