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It also included many presentations on a wide range of topics such as Crimean Congo Hemorrhagic Fever among the One-Humped Camel (Camelus dromedaries) in Central Sudan, Dengue and Chikungunya in the Middle East and North Africa: A Systematic Review, Challenges to Control Ebola in West Africa: A Review, Corona viruses detected in bats of Rwanda: diversity at human-wild life interfaces and a call for one health approach, and Molecular characterization of Echinococcus granulosus s.
2011) who studied the normal reference hematological concentration of one-humped camels in Cholistan desert and reported the range for hemoglobin as 7-17 and 8-17 g/dL in male and females, respectively.
The One-humped Camel or Dromedary that is so familiar to us here is synonymous with the desert, with heat and sand and aridity.
Tony Kelly, Cath Walton and Niall Hannity are among the eight swapping their regular four-legged friends for one-humped wonders, who will be involved in two one-furlong heats and a final, beginning immediately after the last race.
Genetic analysis of samples taken from the victim and from the camel in question -- a one-humped or dromedary camel in a herd of nine owned by the patient -- suggested the virus had passed directly from the animal to the man, they concluded.
London : While the World Health Organisation (WHO) has welcomed the study that suggests that Arabian one-humped camels in Oman could be transmitting the new coronavirus which has killed 46 people, it also said the study has not provided any insight into how humans were infected.
London, Aug 9 ( ANI ): The one-humped dromedary camel of Arabia may be the source of a mysterious respiratory virus that emerged without warning last year, a new study has revealed.
Around 70 per cent of the world's camels live in Somalia and Sudan, mostly one-humped, It is believed that Al Ain has the largest camel population in the UAE.
The findings show an almost identical match to the modern day one-humped camel, the dromedary, as well as the Yukon camel.
In the animal kingdom, what D is a one-humped camel?
Turning to the story of the Turks, he focuses on the lucrative but temperature-sensitive industry of cross-breeding one-humped and two-humped camels.
Australia's government has set aside Au10 million ($16 million) to address the growing problem of the one-humped Camelus dromedarius which were brought to Australia in 1840 from India and Palestine as an ideal means of transporting heavy goods through the nation's arid heartland, contributing significantly to developing Australia's dry interior.