Slang. (of an engine, automobile, etc.) having only one cylinder.
one′-lung′er, n.
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Background: One-lung ventilation (OLV) is a common ventilation technology during thoracic surgery that can cause serious clinical problems.
OLV is employed to provide one-lung ventilation in patients undergoing thoracic, cardiac, vascular, or esophageal surgeries.
This trend has led to fewer concerns about one-lung hits on broadside shots, which can happen on steep shot angles from above.
I have not lost an animal with a one-lung shot, or even a liver shot, with razor-sharp broadheads.
Surgeons performed 17 lung transplants in 2013, with a success rate comparable to well known international hospitals, including 15 two-lung, and two one-lung operations, he said.
This is usually achieved by one-lung ventilation (OLV) (1).
Truly a "Renaissance Man", Ed enjoyed a wide variety of passions including collecting antiques, golfing, singing, restoring antique one-lung gas engines, raising and racing homing pigeons, and all things Maine
However, for the less experienced anaesthetist, and in cases where airway problems may be expected, it is important to emphasise that endobronchial intubation and one-lung ventilation (OLV) may substantially add to the risks of anaesthesia resulting from trauma to the airways and failure of ventilation.
Teleflex Incorporated (NYSE:TFX), a leading global provider of medical devices for critical care and surgery, announced it has acquired the EZ-Blocker(TM) disposable catheter product line with a unique bifurcated distal end, a novel and patented bronchial blocker for lung isolation and one-lung ventilation.
VATS is one such procedure used in visualization of intrathoracic structures which requires a partially or totally collapsed ipsilateral lung and hence needs one-lung ventilation (OLV).
As a result, there is an increasing requirement for one-lung anaesthesia for surgical access.