one-man band

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one′-man` band′

1. an entertainer who plays several musical instruments simultaneously.
2. a person who works alone on all aspects of a task or project.
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When out on his travels, earphones always in, no matter the weather Singing on the bus, a one-man band all together Little bit of rap, a guilty pleasure Finished with an anthem, playing it loud for good measure Music made him a better man, from an adolescent Lyrics were his bible, gigs were his church, In his eyes rock 'n' roll will never be knocked off its perch.
Hailing from different parts of the world, the line-up of performers include Glass Bottle Xylophone player Fedor Grigorev from Russia, One-Man Band from India, Italian PorcaPizza who plays instruments made from recycled items as well as Aleksander Lemeshev from Russia who plays glass harp, an instrument made out of drinking glasses.
KAMIL GROSICKI led the way as in-form Hull proved they are no one-man band by hitting Bolton for six.
Some families hire a one-man band, consisting of an organ player and a singer who rides at the back of a pick-up truck that accompanies a funeral.
Holmes has been a successful one-man band for the last 16 years.
Bisher is a Jordanian underground one-man band founded in 2017.
The music pieces in Songs from the Whirly House are arrangements designed to be played as a one-man band, tapping into the richness of multiple instruments.
UKIP will disappear from the political scene once Nigel Farage finally departs, because they've been a one-man band for so long and now they are like headless chickens.
GARETH BALE insists Wales are not a one-man band at Euro 2016.
A PROMISING start to Britain's Got Talent last night with the one-man band on stilts garrotting the William Tell Overture and that Mexican mouth juggler/fickle hat wearer.