one-man band

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one′-man` band′

1. an entertainer who plays several musical instruments simultaneously.
2. a person who works alone on all aspects of a task or project.
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Bisher is a Jordanian underground one-man band founded in 2017.
VICTORIAN CHRISTMAS MARKET AT THE BALLANCE HOUSE Date: Saturday 2nd December 2017 Time: 11am - 4pm Venue: 118a Lisburn Road, Glenavy Come and sing along with Ballymacrickett School Choir and our one-man band.
UKIP will disappear from the political scene once Nigel Farage finally departs, because they've been a one-man band for so long and now they are like headless chickens.
GARETH BALE insists Wales are not a one-man band at Euro 2016.
A PROMISING start to Britain's Got Talent last night with the one-man band on stilts garrotting the William Tell Overture and that Mexican mouth juggler/fickle hat wearer.
One Man Band In One-Man Band, the third volume in his epic survey of Orson Welles' life and work, Simon Callow again probes in comprehensive and penetrating detail into one of the most complex artists of the twentieth century.
At The Disco (or should I say Brendon Urie) returns as a one-man band.
Joining them for the first time is Bandaloni the One-Man Band from Kitchener, Ontario and Al Millar, aka Al A Kazam the Human Knot.
I am the first Omani who had launched one-man band and I want to keep it that way," he says, with a big smile in his face.
It's just one dude - a one-man band who uses loop pedals and amazing vocal techniques to build up and create layered songs.