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He's got a lot of quality around him to help too so it wouldn't just be a one-man band.
Joining them for the first time is Bandaloni the One-Man Band from Kitchener, Ontario and Al Millar, aka Al A Kazam the Human Knot.
One said: "Mr Farage is a one-man band, many of whose candidates are untrustworthy.
I am the first Omani who had launched one-man band and I want to keep it that way," he says, with a big smile in his face.
It's just one dude - a one-man band who uses loop pedals and amazing vocal techniques to build up and create layered songs.
KENNY SHIELS believes it's unfair to call Hibs a one-man band.
Support on the night comes from Teesside's own top one-man band PHIL SAUNDERS.
The Futureheads played to a home crowd as did Wearside one-man band The Lake Poets and FORMER SEX PISTOL John Lydon, aka Johnny Rotten, at the festival Mercury-nominated Field Music while South Shields' songstress Lulu James also took to the stage.
Hartson said last night: "He cannott go home and think he is a one-man band and defend himself on Twitter.
Then, while musing on days when circuses and travelling fairgrounds regularly came to Cardiff, I remembered Pegleg the Wonder Diver, and the one-man band who'd descend on our town to amaze us with his virtuosity.
Your Woman enjoyed just one week at number one for White Town, a pseudonym for one-man band Jyoti Mishra.
Throughout the day there will be bands around the village, including a brass band and a one-man band.