one-man band

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one′-man` band′

1. an entertainer who plays several musical instruments simultaneously.
2. a person who works alone on all aspects of a task or project.
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Dubai: Ranging from Oud and guitar players to one-man bands and innovative artistes, Metro Music Festival is all set to enthral commuters from March 17.
"This is a chance for me to put something back into the Stokesley community and businesses ranging from one-man bands to established companies are welcome," said Mr Wheatley.
John Henry's has pulled together an evening of music to highlight one-man bands, "honoring the true American values of going it alone, ingenuity and doing it yourself," a news release says.
Acrobats, one-man bands, folk groups, drummers and a whole host of other performers gave those lucky enough to get tickets to the opening night something to remember.